Surrounded by Okinawan white sand beach and the blue sea
Enjoy the authentic American BBQ empty-handed

In addition to BBQ, RESORT MAGIC offers a variety of contents. A comfortable and relaxing lounge area, Japanese comics and books with plenty of all genres, a container library where you can enjoy magazines, a café where you can enjoy full-scale maquiarts using Ethiopian coffee beans. You can enjoy it in various scenes with families, couples, friends and groups.

Luxury and sophistication
Three types of site

You can choose from three facilities, Gazebo site, Dome site, and Seaside site in RESORT MAGIC. You can enjoy BBQ with a fresh sense in a little different atmosphere.


Gazebo site

A gazebo is a Western style pavilion. In Europe it is also held a wedding ceremony, and there is a legend that you do not have to worry about houses in a lifetime if you hold a ceremony under the gazebo. It is well-ventilated and ideal for photo spots.
1 person 4,000 yen - (Capacity 4 to 8 people)

Self Dome site

A cute dome that looks like a snow dome and has a white, stylish and cute shape will let you sunlight moderately through the gaps in the mesh. The sky blue and the dome white match exquisitely, making it a space full of openness.
1 person 2,000 yen (Capacity 5 to 10 people)
※It will be a plan without ingredients.


Seaside site

Relaxing on the sofa, enjoying the relaxing and comfortable sea breeze, enjoying the sea spreading in front of you and enjoying the boats going and leaving is exceptional. Please enjoy a little different time than usual.
One person 5,000 yen (Capacity 4 to 6 people)

Whole cut of meat with BBQ Pit Boys original recipe
BBQ menu set from ¥ 4,000

At the RESORT MAGIC, you can enjoy an exquisite BBQ that is by the original recipe of BBQ Pit Boys, that is a barbecue community born in a sacred place in the barbecue sanctuary. American Smoked Steak, Schlussko Pork and Beer Can Chicken are seasoned with original seasoning tailored to each meat. In addition, there are set of asorted vegetables, popcorn of original label, and big marshmallow as dessert.

※ Bringing in foods and drinks free of charge (food,drink and seasoning in the glass bottle are prohibited to bring in.)


Lunch plan 11:00〜15:00 / Dinner plan 17:00〜21:00

BBQ set price

Gazebo site
Seaside site
Shade site
Self Dome site

All you can drink (4 hours)  ¥1,500
※For one person(include tax)
※Shade site and Self Dome site are by all yourself.(No ingredients/Included equipments · tool sets except skewers)
※Check it out below terms of service and cancel policy

BBQ Plan Set Contents

Food ingredients
American Smoked Steak / Churrasco Pork / Beer Can Chicken / Assortment of Seasonal Vegetables / Popcorn / Marshmallow / Original BBQ Sauce

Tool contents

Kitchen knife / chopping board / cooking gloves for Beer cans Chicken (embossed) / cooking tongue / cigarette lighter
/ work gloves / collection garbage bags (70 L × 3)
Beer for Beer can chicken / disposable chopsticks · paper plates · wet wipes · skewer × number of people

Preparation / Clean up

At the RESORT MAGIC, the facility staff will continue to prepare and clean up the equipment, and to dispose of garbage (*excluding unsorted garbage), so you can enjoy BBQ without stress.

About bringing in

Food and drink can be brought in free of charge.
※ Food, drink and seasoning entering the glass bottle can not be brought in.
※ For children’s meals, please bring in or share it.

Tsuji 3-3-1 Naminoue Umisora Park, Naha city, Okinawa, Japan

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